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Podcast Resources

Beatnik Turtle's Podcast Resource Page

As a podcaster, music is a key part of your work. It's hard to find just the right song for your podcast, including theme songs, beds, bumpers, and instrumentals, and feature songs that go with your topics.

We've created this page of resources to make it simple for you to get the music you need. By the end of 2007, we will have over 400 songs available for you. And if that's not enough, we are happy to create songs by request. Contact us freely if you need any music help.
Ever wonder why you don't hear major label music on podcasts?

Want access to hundreds of podsafe songs?

Need instrumentals for Beds and Bumpers?

Want your very own custom theme song for your podcast? Need a song written about a particular topic?

Want to know who has played our music? See here for a list of podcasts that played us, and ones that use our songs as themes. If you play us, we will add you to this page so our fans know who plays our music.
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