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Beatnik Turtle is an independent band and not associated with any record label. Since Beatnik Turtle is "artist owned & operated" any purchases you make goes directly to Beatnik Turtle so they can continue to make and distribute music.

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The Cheapass Album
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Thanks For Coming Out! Beatnik Turtle LIVE! (2007)

You've heard Beatnik Turtle in the studio, now hear what they sound like live! Recorded at legendary (and now no longer) Gunther Murphy's in Chicago, this 17-track album includes live renditions of songs from Beatnik Turtle's previous albums as well as songs not found on any Beatnik Turtle album to date. Two covers are also included: rockin' versions of They Might Be Giants' "Older" and The Saw Doctor's "Hay Wrap." For more information about the album &| songs or to hear the music visit!


The Cheapass Album
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The Cheapass Album (2004)

Songs about or inspired by Cheapass Games like, Were All These Beer Cans Here Last Night?, Freeloader and Cube Farm which teaches the importance of "thinking outside the box inside your cube." For more information about the album & songs or to hear the music visit!

"...probably the most surprising game-related item I've seen this year...The music is upbeat (even when the lyrics aren't), and the entire album is simply fun to listen to." -Erik Arneson, boardgames.about

Santa Doesn't Like You
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Santa Doesn't Like You (2002)

Beatnik Turtle's Un-Holiday opus as heard on Dr. Demento. For more information about the album & songs or to hear the music visit!

"...low comedy, parody, biting social commentary and just-plain-weird-assed wackjobbery." -Splendid Zine

What We've Got
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What We've Got (2001)

Beatnik Turtle's one and ONLY debut album! Find out who's buying the next round in High Horse (Jesus, Won't You Come Out & Play?). Wittle life down to it's bare essentials in Pop Tarts & a Pack of Smokes. And, find out what's so amazing about Amazing Arcola. For more information about the album & songs or to hear the music visit!

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