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Play, download, and share...

Yes, the songs at TheSongOfTheDay are copyrighted, but not all rights are reserved. The songs at this site are meant to be played, downloaded, and shared with each other. To do this right, we licensed the music under the Creative Commons Sampling-Attribution-NonCommercial license as specifically outlined at our site here.

In "Plain English" this basically means you can freely play, download, copy, burn, share, email, podcast, and otherwise enjoy songs as long as you're not using it in a commercial endeavor (making money).

This means that your cool personal, non-commercial:

  • Podcast (Consider all songs as "Podsafe")
  • Film
  • YouTube/Google Video
  • Blog
  • MySpace Page
  • Personal Website

...or any other activity that doesn't have a commercial aim can use music without worrying about it.

Of course, if you're looking to use music for a commercial activity, then see this page for details as to licensing the music. If you have any questions at all, about the music, copyright, or anything else, feel free to contact us.

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