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Best Of The Song of the Day

Here are some of our favorite songs from The Song of the Day, based on user ratings, but also what we as a band liked the most:


Who's Been Looking At Porn On My New Computer?
The Loofah Song
Things That Keep Me Up At Night
Go, Ok
Waiting For My Wheat Beer To Arrive
Theme To Buffy Between The Lines
The Bong Song
Monkey See Monkey Do The Opposite
Rain Was Falling Down
Secret Girls School
She's All Alone


Soul Crusher
Sick Of Sandwiches
Nyquil And Honey
Just Go Back
I Don't Work Here I'm A Consultant
Baywatching Madman
Crusing Altitude
Hangin' Out In Dave's Car
Get In Line


What We Need Is Some Interns In Here
I'm Sorry That The Warp Gate Sucked Away Our Son
Little Pieces
On Her Blog
Douchebag Brigade
That What She Said
Don't Eat The Special Of The Day
Speaking Of Beer
Abandoned Notepad
The Battle Of Denmark Strait


Can I Help You Please?
Until My Parents Were Called
Bunsen Burner
Kim Bailed
Do You Mind?
Lucky Seven
He's A Cop Now
Rate Of Decay
What The Hell Is Going On Upstairs?


I Don't Want To Work Today
You Shouldn't Have Pissed Me Off
Why Don't You Drive?
The Love Notary
Purple Sky
I Am My Mom And Dad's Tech Support
Helen Can You Hear Me?
Yard Sale


Take It Down (Live)
It's Hard Gangbangin'
Think On It Some More
But That's Another Thing I'll Never Do
The C-Word
Did You Leave Your Brain At Home?
King Of Cicada
Your Secret's Safe With Me


Mason Rocket (Spy Extraordinaire)
I.T. Department (Super Heroes of I.T.)
Well Fuck
That's Great Jesus (But Fill The Fridge)
Commuter Railway Blues
ADD Lover
Bagel Bagel
Sparks Will Fly


Star Wars (A Film Like No Other)
Beer Beer Beer
I Think You Think I Think You Don't Like Me
Back In The Early Part Of The 90s
Fly Under The Radar
Toilet Seat
I Want More
Whiskey Yer The Devil
Beat People Up (Remix)


Smarter n Better n You
I Got A Reason To Cry
Father Pedophile
A Synthesis of Logic
Mr. Right Now
The Honest Love Song
No I'm Not Done Feeling Sorry For Myself
Chicken Pad Thai
Two Twenty-Nine


The Theme to The Song Of The Day (The Song Of The Day Dot Com)
I Didn't Know She Was Into That
Under The Radar
How Did I Google This?
Traffic Cones
This Song's Not Sold In Stores
Face Down In The Snow
Going Commando
No Night Stand (I'm Not Your Type, I'm Not Inflatable)
What A Horrible Thing To Say
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