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Bad Cat

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Bad Cat (Roper/Scholtka)

Related: Inspired, Animals


I love my girlfriend, I love her a lot
But I can't stand this one thing she's got
She's got a feline that's old and mangy
And that damn thing really hates me

This cat gives me allergies
Makes me hack, cough and sneeze
This cat sprays piss on the floor
I don't know if I can take any more

Bad cat
I hate her bad cat
Bad cat
I hate her bad cat
Gun it down with my gat
But she'd never forgive me
And I can't live with that

This cat must have lots of fleas
Put it out of its misery
This cat has a lazy eye
I wish this cat would just die

I love my girlfriend as you can tell
But I hope her cat will burn in hell
It's got only two front teeth
But it bites and scratches me
Like to douse it with gas
And light it with matches

Bad cat
I hate her bad cat
Bad cat
I hate her bad cat
Throw it off the roof
And make it flat
Shreiking sound
And then its goes splat
But she'd never forgive me
And I can't live with that

Bad cat
Can't live with that
Bad cat
Her damn cat
Bad cat
Can't live with that
Bad cat

Song Notes:

We're not cat people.


Lead Vocals: Tom Roper
Backing Vocals: Jason Feehan
Backing Vocals: Tom Roper
Guitars: Tom Roper
Bass: Dugan O'Keene
Drum Sequencing: Tom Roper

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