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When Machines Take Over The World (It's Scary When The Urinals Flush By Themselves)

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When Machines Take Over The World (It's Scary When The Urinals Flush By Themselves) (Beatnik Turtle Music/Roper)


Warnings!, Casiotone Songs, Science!


It's scary
When the urinals flush by themselves
It's freaky
When doors open up on their own
Am I the only one
Who thinks this is bad
Am I the only one
Who thinks we've been had

The sprinklers are watching
And in cahoots with the blenders
The blenders are scheming
With cars and scanners
Telling fans to spin
And broadcast the code
Commanding the vaccuums
To begin the overthrow

Our weapons are useless
Cuz they're on the other side
There's no place to run
No place we can hide
We've handed all our
Control over to them
There's no one to blame
Except for us in the end

Song Notes:

Take heed and let this be a warning. We are not in control! 01010011011010010110110001101100011110010010000001101000011


Lead Vocals: Jason Feehan
Backing Vocals: Jason Feehan
Rhythm Guitar: Tom Roper
Guitar Synth: Tom Roper
Keyboards: Jason Feehan
Casiotone: Jason Feehan
Sequencing: Jason Feehan

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