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I Didn't Do It

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I Didn't Do It (Beatnik Turtle Music/Roper)


RPM Challenge Songs, Songs about Being A Kid


When you say I broke your vase
Or flushed down Grandma's wig
I was at some other place
Must have been some other kid

When you say I shaved teh cat
And beheaded Sally's doll
I really take offense at that
I just can't believe your gall

I didn't do it
I didn't do it
I didn't do it
I didn't do it

When you say I made crank calls
And ordered pizza for next door
Well these are things I can't recall
Someone else will have to answer for

When you claim I keyed your car
Or baked a cake with Ex-Lax chips
This is just a stretch too far
So I want you to reach my lips

I didn't do it (Don't blame me)
I didn't do it (Don't blame me)
I didn't do it (Don't blame me)
I didn't do it (Don't blame me)

When you claim I stole your stuff
And made millions on that scam
Stop right there I've heard enough
What kind of guy do you think I am?

Song Notes:

Here's another fresh track hot off the virtual mixing desk from our 2009 RPM Challenge effort to create an album in a single month. The album, to be released later in the year, is called "When I Was Your Age" and features songs that take a look back at when we were kids. This song is something we all claimed at one time or another when pressed by our parents.


Lead Vocals: Jason Feehan
Backing Vocals: John Owens
Rhythm Guitar: Jason Feehan
Rhythm Guitar: Tom Roper
Lead Guitar: Tom Roper
Bass: Tom Susala
Drums: John Owens
Baritone Sax: Randy Chertkow
Alto Sax: John Blegen
Trombone: Chip Hinshaw
Trumpet: Mike Combopiano

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