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Store - Pizza: The Rock Opera

Pizza: The Rock Opera (2007) - FREE!

"It's like all of in one song!"


Pizza: The Rock Opera is Beatnik Turtle's 10 minute opus chronicling one man's struggle to order pizza. We've all been there...except this time it's put to music.Written in one song-writing session in summer of 2007, it debuted at on November 2007 after a few overdubs were added. And, it's now available FREE for download.

Download Pizza: The Rock Opera ZIP File here.

You get:

  • "Pizza: The Rock Opera" in MP3 at 256Kbps (that's like really high quality!)
  • Lyrics & Information Sheet
  • Album Cover
  • No DRM crap - issued under a Creative Commons Music Sharing License (Attribution-NoDerivatives-NonCommercial)
  • Some extra bonus stuff just for being cool

All we ask in return is help us spread the word about Beatnik Turtle, our music, and

Share the song with your friends, add it to your online players, blog about it or our little band, and help spread the word about Beatnik Turtle, our podcast, and our music. That's all we ask and we appreciate your support!

Enjoy the free pizza!


Other Albums By Beatnik Turtle

Beatnik Turtle Logo Buy our songs, so we can make more!

Beatnik Turtle is just a little indie band and isn't associated with any record label. That makes us completely "artist owned & operated." So, any purchases or support you throw are way goes directly to Beatnik Turtle so we can continue to write, record, and distribute music. Thanks in advance for any purchases you make!

You can buy Beatnik Turtle's albums at the good people at CDBaby and most major digital music stores, including "the iTunes", Rhapsody, Napster, and more...

Sham Rock
Coming Soon!

Sham Rock (2008) (NEW - Coming Soon!)

No penny whistles. No mandolins. No fiddles. Just 13 rockin' Irish pub songs energized and re-interpreted by the pop-rock band Beatnik Turtle. Big drums, loud horns, and guitars cranked to "11".

Preview some of these revamped Irish pub songs at - Tell Me Ma, The Holy Ground, Beer Beer Beer, Old Dun Cow, and Finnegan's Wake.

Coming to CDBaby and digital music stores everywhere (including "the iTunes") sometime this April!


All In A Day's Work
Buy it at ITunes!

All In A Day's Work (2007) - (iTunes) (CDBaby)

"There have been a bunch of concept albums about dystopian scenarios (Styx’s Kilroy Was Here, Nine Inch Nails’ Year Zero) and inner explorations of hopelessness (Pink Floyd’s The Wall), but Beatnik Turtle’s All in a Day’s Work, which attempts both, is the most effective. The Barenaked Ladies-esque ensemble has crafted a concept album about white-collar workers and office work. Paeans to wireless mouses and blog reading are paired with laments about waking up early, conformity and other symptoms of days spent out of the sun. It’s the mellow-harsher of the year". — Adam Bulger, Hartford Advocate

Work. Work. Work. 16 fun and energetic pop-rock tunes about work and technology. Topics covered include not wanting to go to work; I.T. Departments; interns; being bossed around; working retail ("Can I help you please?"); the troubles of blogging; Google; the ubiquitous bagged lunch; daydreaming about a more adventurous job; not "getting the memo"; annoying project consultants; and "sleepworking" through life.

CD and downloadable MP3s available at: CDBaby
Available at "the iTunes" and finer digital music stores everywhere.

Thanks For Coming Out! Beatnik Turtle LIVE!
Buy it at ITunes!

Thanks For Coming Out! Beatnik Turtle LIVE! (2007) - (iTunes) (CDBaby)

You've heard Beatnik Turtle in the studio, now hear what they sound like live! Recorded at legendary (and now no longer) Gunther Murphy's in Chicago, this 17-track album includes live renditions of songs from Beatnik Turtle's previous albums as well as songs not found on any Beatnik Turtle album to date. Two covers are also included: rockin' versions of They Might Be Giants' "Older" and The Saw Doctor's "Hay Wrap."

CD and downloadable MP3s available at: CDBaby
Available at "the iTunes" and finer digital music stores everywhere.

The Cheapass Album
Buy it at ITunes!

The Cheapass Album (2004) - - (iTunes) (CDBaby)

"The music is upbeat (even when the lyrics aren't!), and the entire album is simply fun to listen to." -Erik Arneson, boardgames.about

Songs about or inspired by Cheapass Games like, Were All These Beer Cans Here Last Night?, Freeloader and Cube Farm (see the video!) which teaches the importance of "thinking outside the box inside your cube."

CD and downloadable MP3s available at: CDBaby
Available at "the iTunes" and finer digital music stores everywhere.

Santa Doesn't Like You
Buy it at iTunes!

Santa Doesn't Like You (2002) - (iTunes) (CDBaby)

"...low comedy, parody, biting social commentary and just-plain-weird-assed wackjobbery." -Splendid Zine

Beatnik Turtle's Un-Holiday opus as heard on Dr. Demento and played live at Second City! Packed with one song for each of the fourteen days of Christmas*, this album is a must for all ba-humbuggers out there who've had it up to here with the same old holiday music.

Tackles such topics as Christmas stalkers (hear the live version of Make My Christmas Bright here!), holiday shopping (hear Coed Naked Drunk Xmas Shopping live here!), what happens when you just don’t say “No!” to the yuletide weed (Smokin' the Misletoe), and the importance of taking your Christmas decorations down (hear the live version of Take It Down here!).

*What? You thought there were only twelve days of Christmas?

CD and downloadable MP3s available at: CDBaby
Available at "the iTunes" and finer digital music stores everywhere.

What We've Got
Buy it at ITunes!

What We've Got (2001) - (iTunes) (CDBaby)

Beatnik Turtle's one and ONLY debut album! Thirteen songs strong. Find out who's buying the next round in High Horse (Jesus, Won't You Come Out & Play?). Wittle life down to it's bare essentials in Pop Tarts & a Pack of Smokes. And, find out what's so amazing about Amazing Arcola.

CD and downloadable MP3s available at: CDBaby
Available at "the iTunes" and finer digital music stores everywhere.

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