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Two Twenty-Nine

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Two Twenty-Nine (Roper/Scholtka)


Heartbreak Songs


Every four years
I remember the day
That my world fell apart
You had nothing to say

When you went away
And leapt out of my life
To somebody else
And became his wife

But don't worry about me 'cause I'm feeling fine
I only think of you on two twenty-nine

It's been four years
Since I thought you last
And I've done my damnedest
To forget my past

But eventually
That day comes around
And the feelings I've hidden
They all get found

Thank God you didn't break us up on Valentine's
I only think of you on two twenty-nine

In four years I hope
It will be all right
'Cause I just can't stand
How I miss you tonight

Well I hope I find
Someone new to see
Just like you did
When you walked out on me

Gregory blessed me when he made this leap year design
I only think of you on two twenty-nine

Donít worry about me 'cause I'm feeling fine
I only think of you on two twenty-nine

Two twenty-nine!
Two twenty-nine!
Gives me forty-eight months to get my head clear

Two twenty-nine!
Two twenty-nine!
Always on my mind every four years

Two twenty-nine!
Two twenty-nine!
Two twenty-nine!
Its two twenty-nine!

Song Notes:

Things have been pretty busy at Beatnik Turtle headquarters the last few weeks getting ready for the release of The Indie Band Survival Guide written by our very own Jason and Randy! We have new Beatnik Turtle songs in the pipeline, but in order to get everything ready for the book's release we decided to present encores of some of the best of last year's songs.

This song, of course, refers to February 29th, or Leap Day. It also refers to heartbreak and loss, but that's not nearly as important as Leap Day. The observant listener will notice that 2007 is not a leap year, and while we considered delaying entire The Song of the Day project until 2008 so this song could fall on 2-29, we just decided to release it on February 28.

We are aware that the existence of an intercalary day in a leap year originated under the Egyptian pharaoh Ptolemy III in 239 B.C. and it was Aloysius Lilius who proposed the Gregorian calendar in the 1500s - not Gregory. We just found "Gregory" much more singable.


Lead Vocals: Tom Roper
Backing Vocals: John Owens
Backing Vocals: Tom Roper
Lead Guitar: Tom Roper
Rhythm Guitar: Tom Roper
Bass: Tom Susala
Drums: John Owens

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