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Under The Radar

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Song Info


Under The Radar (Roper/Scholtka)


Office Songs, Inspired


I used to be a hard worker
I used to really care
But I never got any recognition
And that didn't seem fair

So I started coming in later
And I started to let things slide
And just as I expected
No one stopped to ask me why

So I fly under the radar
I phone it in
I just just need to do
The bare minimum

It's great I take long lunches
And I surf the web
I don't read work emails
I forward them instead

Goodbye Microsoft Office
Hello solitaire
And when it's 4:45
You can bet I'm long gone from here

'Cause I fly under the radar
I phone it in
I just need to do
the bare minimum

I manage my work just right
And I never work too fast
And I don't go above or beyond
And in that, I'm unsurpassed

I used to feel kinda guilty
And I felt rather ashamed
'Til I took a good look around
And saw we're all playing this game

We fly under the radar
We phone it in
We all just do
The bare minimum

We fly under the radar
We phone it in
We all just do
The bare minimum

Song Notes:

The views expressed in this song solely represent Beatnik Turtle, the band, and do not reflect the views of any individual member. The band members would like each of their respective employers to know that they are extremely hard workers who are completely committed to their jobs. Beatnik Turtle, the band, on the other hand, goofs off at work all of the time.

Also, hear an alternate version posted on March 29th


Lead Vocals: Tom Roper
Lead Guitar: Tom Roper
Rhythm Guitar: Tom Roper
Sequencing: Tom Roper
Drum Sequencing: Tom Roper

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