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Santa Doesn't Like You (Unplugged)

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Santa Doesn't Like You (Unplugged) (Beatnik Turtle Music)




Santa doesn't like the way you walk
And he sure don't like the way you talk
Santa doesn't like those clothes you wear
You may think he does but he really don't care

Coz Santa doesn't like you
No Santa doesn't like you

And he's felt this way since you were small
There's nothing you can do, he don't like you at all
It mights be your face, it might be the way you act
But either way you cut it you gotta face the fact that

Santa doesn't like you
No Santa doesn't like you

You see he's got a list of who's been naughty and nice
And you're the only one who's on the bad list
And he's written you down twice
You're written down twice

So you might as well sleep Christmas dy away
Coz Santa's got no gifts for you on his sleigh

Coz Santa doesn't like you
No Santa doesn't like you
He despises you
Hates you
Can't stand you
Merry Christmas

Song Notes:

Now you know the REAL truth about Santa Claus.


Lead Vocals: Jason Feehan
Guitar: Jason Feehan
Shaker: Jason Feehan

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