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Christmas Is A Vulture (Live)

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Song Info


Christmas Is A Vulture (Live) (Beatnik Turtle Music/Elmer)


Christmas, Recorded Live


This is a song about the real meaning of Christmas.

Well it's cold and dark this Christmas
As the lonely people die upon the street
And on the other side of town
A fat investment banker starts to eat...meat
And how can you afford to spend
And buy and feed our greedy war machine?
Children in another country far away
They know just what I mean
For they have seen...

Christmas is disease
Infecting every institution to its core
A gift-wrapped, pus-filled pathogen
That only but the wealthy can afford
And how can you ignore the festering stench
Of your decaying Christmas past?

As it twinkles and it jingles
While sleigh-riding you and yours right up the ass?
Right up the ass!

Christmas is a vulture
Sucking life from all the weak and under-fed
So celebrate your money
And your capitalist systematic dread
When Santa claws your anus out
And tears your stinking eyeballs from your head
You still don't understand now
That the greeting of the season is drop dead
Drop dead
Drop dead!

Song Notes:

Today's song is a bit of a dark outlook on the silly season.


Lead Vocals: Eric Elmer
Lead Guitar: Eric Elmer
Rhythm Guitar: Jason Feehan
Rhythm Guitar: Tom Roper
Saxophone: Randy Chertkow
Trombone: Chip Hinshaw
Trumpet: Dave Hallock
Keyboard: Steve Owens
Bass: Mike Hernandez
Drums: John Owens

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