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Pizza: The Rock Opera

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Pizza: The Rock Opera (Beatnik Turtle Music/Owens/Roper/Susala)


Should Be In A Musical, Songs about Food


Movement 1: Tired & Hungry

I'm tired, I'm hungry
But mostly I'm hungry
Yeah I'm tired, I'm hungry
But mostly I'm hungry

I can cook a meal
Or maybe I'll order in
Yeah, I'll cook a meal...
Nah, I'm gonna order in!

Yeah! I'm gonna order in!
I'm gonna order in!
I'm gonna order in!

Movement 2: The Menu

Now where did I put the menu
For that pizza delivery place?
It was here just yesterday
But now it's gone without a trace...

Why does this always happen to me
It should be here in the drawer.
Where in the hell could it possibly be?
Ah geez there it is on the floor

On the floor
On the floor
Right on the floor!
Right on the floor!

Movement 3: The Order

Pizza Guy: Hello Pizza Hole, can you hold?
Orderer: Uh...dammit.
Pizza Guy: Thanks for holding. How can I help you?
Orderer: Yeah, I'd like a large pepperoni pizza.
Pizza Guy: Anchovy?
Orderer: What?
Pizza Guy: We have a special on anchovy...
Orderer: No, no, no. Pepperoni.
Pizza Guy: Okay. Got it. Is this pick up or delivery?
Orderer: Delivery.
Pizza Guy: Can I have your address?
Orderer: It's 555 Sugarbottom Lane.
Pizza Guy: Okay. Cash or charge?
Orderer: Do you take Google Checkout or Paypal?
Pizza Guy: No.
Orderer: Ah, nah. Okay. Cash then. Hey, how much is it?

Movement 4: The Price

Orderer: What, you gotta be kidding me?
Orderer: That's a little expensive for pizza don't you think?

Pizza Guy:
But that includes breadsticks
Soda pop
Plastic thing that goes on top
That prevents your cheese
From coming in contact
With the top of the pizza box

Movement 5: The Pizza Guy

Orderer: Yeah, I'm sure you're really proud of the little piece of plastic. But here, listen - all I want is a large pepperoni piz-

Pizza Guy:
What you think I always wanted to work here?
This is my goal?
I got hopes got dreams, got plans to get out of
This Pizza Hole!
I want to be a phlebotomist!
Pizza's not something that I'll ever miss
I'll never miss at all

Movement 6: The Order (Reprise)

Orderer: Yeah, so $15.99 then?
Pizza Guy: Uh yeah.
Orderer: Okay. Well, how long before I get my pizza?
Pizza Guy: Uh, 30 minutes.
Orderer: Okay thanks.
Pizza Guy: Thank you for ordering from the Pizza Hole.
Orderer: Bye.

Movement 7: Hope & Reflection

Man that guy was really weird
Hope he doesn't get my order wrong
I really hate it when they mess things up
Or when the pizza takes too long

Cuz my stomach is growlin'
And it won't leave me alone
Has it only been a minute
Since I hung up the phone?

Cuz my stomach is growlin'
And it won't leave me alone
Has it only been two minutes
Since I hung up the phone?

Movement 8: Temptation

Would it be so bad if I munched on something?
Just a little nibble to take away the pang?
I don't think I can sit and wait any longer
I'm gonna have to give in to my hunger

Is it wrong to give in to just a little bite?
Or will I lose all self-control and lose my appetite?
I don't think I can wait much longer without food
I really need the bell to ring and be the pizza dude

I don't think I can wait much longer without food
I really need the bell to ring and be that pizza dude...

Movement 9: The Doorbell

Was that the doorbell?
I heard the doorbell!
Yes, it's the doorbell!

I think I can smell it
The pizza must be so near
I open the door
Yes, the pizza dude is here!

Here's a twenty for you
And you can keep the four bucks

Pizza Dude:
That's great. I thank you.
Cuz this job really, really sucks

I got my pizza now
I'll have a piece right now
I'm gonna really chow
Down on my pizza now!

Movement 10: Outside The Box

Narrator: And as fate would have it, the pizza was covered in anchovies. And he went to bed hungry, cuz he couldn't eat a single slice. And he would never order pizza from there aga-

Song Notes:

"Pizza: The Rock Opera" is Beatnik Turtle's 10 minute opus chronicling one man's struggle to order pizza. We've all been there...except this time it's put to music.


Pizza Place: The Pizza Hole
Orderer: Jason Feehan
Pizza Guy: John Owens
Pizza Dude: Tom Roper
Narrator: Jonathan White
Backing Vocals: Jason Feehan
Backing Vocals: John Owens
Lead Guitars: Tom Roper
Rhythm Guitars: Jason Feehan
Rhythm Guitars: Tom Roper
Sitar: Tom Roper
Keyboards: Jason Feehan
Saxophones: Randy Chertkow
Trumpets: Mike Combopiano
Bass: Tom Susala
Drums: John Owens
Bongos: John Owens
Whistle: John Owens
Sound Effects: Tom Roper
On Hold Music: On Her Blog
Sequencing: Tom Roper

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