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Hangin' Out In Dave's Car

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Hangin' Out In Dave's Car (Beatnik Turtle Music/Bruno/JDMC/Roper/Susala)


Songs About Driving, Songs That Contain People's Names, Songs About Dave, Songs Inspired By Actual Events


Drivin' down the road
Downtown Downers Grove
Got 18 speakers
In the '79 Olds

Tape deck blasting
Bunch of beer in the trunk
Gonna find some girls
And we're gonna get drunk

Cruisin' 'round
Trying to cause some mayhem
Upending every trash can
Along the way when

We head on down
To the hang out spot
Best place in town
White Castle parking lot

We was hangin' out in Dave's car
We was hangin' out in Dave's car
We was hangin' out in Dave's car
We was hangin' out in Dave's car

We break out the beers
On the top of the hill
We got no worries
Lots of time to kill

When the beers are gone
We get back in the car
To go find some girls
They can't be far

We see some fly hunnies
At the W.C.
Perpetratin' on some sliders
Start lookin' at me

We roll up real slow
Tryin' to get me a taste
When I put down my window
Got a slap in my face

We was hangin' out in Dave's car
We was hangin' out in Dave's car
We was hangin' out in Dave's car
We was hangin' out in Dave's car

Song Notes:

This song may or may not be based on actual events. Any connection to real persons, places, or 1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salons is probably coincidental...


Lead Vocals: Caroline Bruno
Rap: Joey DMC
Keyboards: Jason Feehan
Sequencing: Tom Roper
Drive Thru Attendant: Caroline Bruno
Idiot In Car #1: Joey DMC
Idiot In Car #2: Tom Susala
Idiot In Car #3: Tom Roper
Commentary: Jason Feehan

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