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Vagaries Of Fortune Blues

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Vagaries Of Fortune Blues (Holmes!)


Alt Country, Bad Words, Injury and/or Death


Well I've been around this country
And I've seen a lot of things
But of all the different places
That I've known
Lord I think I know
That if there's one place I could go
It'd be the quiet country back roads
Of my home

I got into some trouble
With a good ol' boy back there
He was convinced that I
Got to know his wife
And I tried to talk some reason
Said I didn't know she's his'n
Besides I never touched her
In my life

Well that was partly true
At least I never took her home
One night she wanted to
But I's too drunk to stand
But her husnband knew she's cheatin'
And someone was gonna get a beatin'
And I's the only one was
Close at hand

I never been the type
To just stand a take a lickin'
I grabbed a chair and smacked him
Right between the eyes
And it was just a lucky shot
Or I had strength that I forgot
But I'll be damned if he didn't
Lay right down and die

I run out of the bar room
I went home and packed my things
I didn't feel like waitin'
For no police to come
Made it to the county line
Stuck out my thumb and hooked a ride
And I commenced to livin my life
Out on the run

I hitchhiked out to 'frisco
Spent a summer down in Tulsa
Holed up in Chicago
For a spell
Got a daughter in Seattle
Lived in Texas drivin' cattle
I was a farm hand out
Dakota way as well

Now that I am older
I can look back at my life
I seen things ain't too many
Men have seen
That don't quite make me smile
But somewhow I can reconcile
I been places ain't too many
Men have been

Well I ain't the type to hold a grudge
If I never got run out of town
I reckon I'd have never
Seen the world
But if i'd have seen it coming'
This lifetime spent a runnin'
I'd have gone ahead and
F---'d the girl

Song Notes:

What can we say? Hindsight is 20/20.


Lead Vocals: Holmes!
Guitars: Holmes!
Bass: Tom Susala
Drums: John Owens

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