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The Battle Of Denmark Strait

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The Battle Of Denmark Strait (Roper/Scholtka)




In the shipyards of Scotland, they raised the king's ship
Built as strong and as light they could
With fifteen inch guns she moved near thirty knots
They named her the HMS Hood

On the twenty-third day in that month of May
She set out fourteen hundred aboard
Beside her would sail the new Prince of Wales
Setting out on a cold gray morn'

The Hood and the Prince northwesterly charged
To protect shipments bound for home
Two ships were seen flying red and black
Lurking in the Denmark Strait

The battleship Bismark and Prinz Eugene
Searched for Allied merchants to drown
The Hood would have need of all of her speed
For the Bismark's might was renowned

At thirteen miles out the Hood's guns did shout
Broadside they charged the Third Reich
The Hood and her partner shot straight and true
The Bismark stood firm through the strike

As the Hood drew in near her captain knew fear
For the Hood it's guns made a turn
The Bismark let fire a deadly barrage
And struck the Hood 'tween mast and the stern

A pillar of flame screamed at the sky
Explosions ripped the mid-ship to bits
A panic ensued as the Hood broke in two
Bow and stern sank straight away

Of fourteen hundred and fifteen brave souls
Only three did the Hood's hulk release
The rest carried down to the ocean's ground
Forever may they rest in peace

The whole of Britannia swore to revenge
They sought the Bismark and drowned her
It wouldn't bring the Hood back from the ocean below
Or the fourteen hundred men that surround her

Her name it lives on though she doesn't move
In the waters where she met her fate
The price that was paid and the sacrifice made
At the Battle of Denmark Strait

In the shipyards of Scotland, a king's ship was raised
Strong and mighty it stood
Fifteen inch guns she moved near thirty knots
They named her the HMS Hood

Song Notes:

Inspired by a documentary about the Battle of Denmark Strait, Matt wrote the lyrics to this song. While writing, he did additional research on Wikipedia. Given his 1970s musical roots, Tom immediately thought "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" and set it to music.

You can also support the memory of the Mighty Hood and her crew at H.M.S. Hood Association, established in 1975 by a group of several former Hood crew members, including two of the three survivors of her sinking.


Lead Vocals: Ryan Lockhart
Backing Vocals: Ryan Lockhart
Rhythm Guitar: Tom Roper
Sequencing: Tom Roper
Drums: John Owens

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