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He's A Winner

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He's A Winner (Elmer)


Injury and/or Death


They said that if the musicís loud
And you make your way through the Slater crowd
You'll find a man he donít wear no shirt
Blasting Zeppelin so loud that your eardrums hurt

Heís got style, heís got grace
Heís got nothing above the waist
Heís hanging out with the whole damn hall
Strutting like an ape and whipping basketballs

I hope you know, I hope you can see
Heís far greater than you or me
With his thick eyebrows and his bald pal-ee
Heís independent, wild, and free

He was knocking on doors for an hour and a half
He kicked 1108 and he started to laugh
He was chasing some toadie on down the hall
Broke through the window and took a fall
Oh no


Song Notes:

This song dates back to our college dormitory years. There were always "winners" on our floor we had to deal with.


Lead Vocals: Eric Elmer
Backing Vocals: Eric Elmer
Rhythm Guitar: Eric Elmer
Percussion: Eric Elmer
Percussion: Jason Feehan
Sound FX: Eric Elmer
Sound FX: Jason Feehan

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