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Douchebag Brigade

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Douchebag Brigade (Hinshaw)


Bad Words, Songs with Videos


Marching through life
Socially inept
Lacking any might
And morally bereft

They always think
They are always right
When all they is is dumb
Will they ever see the light?

Marching on they go
In their asshole parade
Online machismo
They're the douchebag brigade

Marching on they go
The huge douchebag brigade

Song Notes:

You've seen their comments in forums and websites everywhere. You know the ones: meaningless, arrogant, rude, and uninformed. Hiding behind their screen name, these commenters are hereby dubbed proud members of the "Douchebag Brigade." Be sure to check out the song's video.

There was a such a great discussion of this song's topic in this episode of Evo Terra's podcast Evo @ 11 (see "YouTube is full of sh*t stains") that we thought we'd echo the sentiment.


Lead Vocals: Chip Hinshaw
Backing Vocals: Jason Feehan
Backing Vocals: Chip Hinshaw
Backing Vocals: Tom Roper
Keyboards: Tom Roper
Sequencing: Jason Feehan
Sequencing: Tom Roper
Drums: John Owens

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