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Geekspek (Beatnik Turtle Music/Lawson/Lockhart)




I want to thank
For letting me play here tonight
On this open mic
Iím going to sing for you
Something so right
Gonna spell it out yes

Well G is for the government bringing us down
And E is for the emptiness all around
And E is for the emphasis on the emptiness
And K well, I donít have one for that today

But thatís OK because we got another word coming up so close
Oh its so close can you hear it it's almost

S is for those screaming babies
And P is for the parents who should shut up their babies
And E well I told you thatís the emptiness
And K well I hope you remember its still the same day oh

What does that spell I have to ask you
It spells something that I hold so dear and so true
Thatís geek, oh man, spek
I just spelled Geekspek

I think I left out the A
Well thatís OK
But I guess it doesnít work
I hope I donít piss off Aldie and Bert
Aldie Aldie Aldie and Bert
Oh theyíve got Aldie and Bert
Oh it's ok Geekspek
Yes, on the world wide web


I love you

Song Notes:

One word: spellchecker.

This song was one of a series of allegedly "failed theme songs" for Aldie and Derk's board gaming podcast BoardGameGeek, a.k.a. "GeekSpeak."


Lead Vocals: Pete Lawson
Rhythm Guitar: Pete Lawson
Crowd: Randy Chertkow
Crowd: Pete Lawson
Crowd: Ryan Lockhart
Announcer: Ryan Lockhart

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