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What's That Smell?

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What's That Smell? (Elmer)


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West of Edens highway
Something stinks like crap
Auditorium entrance
What's that smell?

Mixture of urine
Fish and bacon fat
Or it could be dead flesh
I can't tell

In a little room is a glutton who eats greasy food all day
Got a microwave and a fridge he buys food with all his pay

When I come back from lunch
At the Taco Bell
Want to blow burrito stew
Oh that smell

He likes nothing better
Than to wallow in that stench
With a Stoffer's Dinner
And a security wench

Got a thing for young girls and he makes them watch him eat his cornish hens
If he calls you down we'll never ever see your likes again

What's that smell?
What's that smell?

Song Notes:

Here's one of the oldest ones from Jason's archives. It dates back to our high school years when songs about obese, security guards sitting in tiny, smelly offices seemed the thing to do. Obviously, we've since come along way now that we write songs about
I.T. workers, priests,and dudes with ponytails.


Lead Vocals: Eric Elmer
Lead Vocals: Jason Feehan
Lead Guitar: Eric Elmer
Acoustic Guitar: Eric Elmer
Keyboard: Jason Feehan
Drum Programming: Jason Feehan

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