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Podcast Resources: Theme Songs

Custom Theme Songs

Beatnik Turtle is a large, multi-faceted band that specializes in writing and recording upbeat, fun, and catchy songs with horns and a sense of humor. They have written songs for TV, film, podcasts, theater, and more. They will write music spanning genres, instrumentation, and mood.

Contact us if you are interested in having a song written just for you.

Commissioned Music Examples

Theme to DVD Geeks (DVD Geeks): [Instrumental, mod 1960s style] The folks at Stone Face Productions asked us to do a "mod 1960s Hawaii 5-0 song, but modern." We also provided them this theme song along with an entire CD of snippets, beds, and bumpers to use underneath the video.

Theme to Dolphins of Damnation (Dolphins of Damnation): [Instrumental] The Dolphins of Damnation is a sketch comedy group with a long resume of shows, including multiple runs at Second City. Ted Blegen of DoD wanted a theme song that would get the audience fired up. His only request was that there would be flavors of the Thundarr the Barbarian theme song.

Mason Rocket (Spy Extraordinaire)(Joe Murphy Memorial Fund/Mur Lafferty): [Pop Song] Mur Lafferty came to us to write a theme song for a friend with cancer. Her guidelines were: "His nickname is Mason Rocket and it should be a song about a spy." This song has become the theme to the podcast for The Joe Murphy Memorial Fund.

Theme To Podculture (PodCulture): [Instrumental] Brad Bowyer, one of the hosts of Podculture, wanted us to create a new theme based on his old one. He asked for something with an orchestrated James Bond "geek-cool" feel.

Travelling (The Wandering Geek): [Instrumental] Curt the Camera Guy wrote in that he was making a new podcast and wanted to use our already-released song Travelling as a theme. We were happy to oblige.

Theme To BoardGameSpeak (BoardGameSpeak) [Instrumental, Sports Show Theme/Fanfare] The BoardGameSpeak podcast (originally called GeekSpeak) was among the first. Back in 2004, Derk Solko and Scott Alden let us go with our instincts to create this sports show-style theme song.

Theme to Tim's Website (Tim's Website): [Quirky folk song] Back in 1998, Jason's friend Tim Anderson had a website that told about his exploits and featured a ton of pictures of Shania Twain. His tagline was "Trucks and campers to the left, cars to the right: Welcome to Tim's rest stop on the information superhighway." This song is the result. Alas, the website doesn't exist anymore.

Captain Hero (Sci-Fry Sketch Comedy Show) [Saturday TV Theme Song] Matt Scholtka produced a run of shows at Second City called Sci-Fry, a dark comic roast of the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres. He asked us to write a number of custom songs for the show, and we eventually wrote 20. We were given the script for a sketch where Dr. Insidious Torture had captured Captain Hero. Given the premise, we wrote an over-the-top theme for him drawing on our memories of sugar cereals and early Saturday mornings in front of the TV.

You're My Everything (And More) (Sci-Fry Sketch Comedy Show) [1950s style] A second example of the 20 songs we wrote for Sci-Fry. We were asked to create a song like Unchained Melody since this sketch was a parody of the movie Ghost.

And more to come soon, as we're always getting requests. Contact us if you are looking for a custom song of your own.

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