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Podcast Resources: Get Podsafe Music

Are you a Podcaster?

Looking for music? Songs? Bumpers? Beds?

We want to help you out! We have tons of music and by the end of 2007 we'll have over 400 songs available at and - all podsafe and ready to be used on your show!

Here's How

It's free. It's easy. And here's all there is to using our songs in your podcast:


There are tons of songs at covering all sorts of topics. There's likely a song on-point for your show or instrumental you can use! Plus, the radios at stream our albums (5 albums so far) and all songs are fair game for your show! There's plenty of music to choose from.


Email us to ask for a podcast-ready version of the song for your show. Don't just download the MP3, you'll want a high-quality WAV version for your podcast!


We'll make a high-quality WAV version of the song available specifically for you via a special download link.


There's no cost, so all we ask is you simply attribute the song to "Beatnik Turtle" in your show and show notes (and link to us at


When you publish the podcast with the song, be sure to notify us so we can add you to our Podcast Shout Out page. That way, we can link to your show and tell our fans to download and listen!


Many of our friends are podcasters and so we know what you're up against with using RIAA music in a podcast, threats of copyright infringement, fines, lawsuits, etc., so we decided to help podcasters out and release our music under a Creative Commons license, which makes them podsafe.


Do I have to pay you?

No! As long as your podcast or project is not a commercial project, there's no charge to use songs that we've released. Our Creative Commons license only obligates attribution (just tell people we did the song and link to us!).

Where can I find your music?

There are tons of songs at and more at Of course, if you're looking for a song for a particular topic and don't see it, just ask us. We might have the perfect one that hasn't been released yet!

Can I use the song I downloaded from your website rather than contacting you for the song?

Well, yes. But they're just MP3s and, as you know, if you use an MP3 inside your podcast and then recompress your whole show as an MP3, just compromised the sound quality of the song and did a disservice to your fans and listeners! Plus, since is a daily podcast, it has a theme that plays over the beginning which you don.t need for your show! We are firm believers in providing high-quality WAV versions so your show sounds the best it can!

I'd like to use a Beatnik Turtle song for a commercial (for-profit) project. How do I do it?

Just contact us. done this in the past with others (including big companies like ABCFamily/Disney down to small productions) and so we'll be happy to work with you and assist you through the proper process. It's really straightforward.

Can I commission you guys to write a song for me?

Sure. We love song-writing and will write a song about almost anything! We have our own recording studio, a great and diverse group of musicians and instruments, and tons of experience in doing this for others. For more details click here.

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