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Podcast Music Resources: Instrumentals

Bumpers and Beds, and Themes

If you need instrumentals for bumpers, beds, and themes, the songs listed below are ready to go. All are podsafe and available for mash-ups, backgrounds, or any other podcast uses.

Beds: use music underneath the voices to eliminate silences and keep the show moving forward. In addition you can use beds to help set the tone and mood for a piece, whether you want something exciting or if you want to enhance the emotional impact of a scene.

Bumpers: Are you looking for that little snippet of music to bring you in and out of segments? All of our songs below can be chopped up into pieces to give you just what you need to connect the parts of your show.

Below is a list of instrumentals available for your use with short descriptions of how the music sounds. If you want to use any of them, just contact us with the name of the song you want, and we will give you high quality versions of the song.


Overload: A hard-driving rocking guitar instrumental with liberal use of distortion.

Purple Sky: A gentle guitar instrumental.

The Chase: A 1980s style sax and guitar piece. Has many different sections which can be used for different purposes.

Rocket Ship: A bouncy synth instrumental.

Bacon And Eggs: A 1970s style jam. Contains a few words in it which can be edited out if necessary.

Naperville PD: The theme song to a non-existent 1980s cop drama.

Anaphora: A smooth jazz sax piece.

Rockin' Casiotone: A bouncy casiotone piece.

Hot Lava Death: A techno instrumental (has words that can be worked around if necessary.)

A Synthesis Of Logic: A techno instrumental with a driving beat. Has many sections that can be used for different purposes.

Trapazoid Tripp: A quirky offbeat instrumental.

Travelling: A quiet brooding instrumental song that slides along with a grooving bass line.

Clockworks: A Cabaret Voltaire style ambient piece with a driving background, and irregular melodies. Has nice clock ticking parts which can be used for beds to simulate time.

Something A Little Different: Art of Noise sendup.

Latte And A Cigarette: A wandering Jazz instrumental with flute and keyboard.

Bucket Of Cool: A sax-based funky instrumental. A bit like Sanborn.

On The Train: An ambient techno instrumental.

WorkX: A dark, somewhat dramatic atmopheric piece.

Maximalism: A dense, layered techno piece. Has many parts that can be chopped up for use for different purposes.

This Is Chicago (Theme To 849): A bass-heavy theme song to a fake NPR show like 848.

Better Things Comin': An overly-happy instrumental.

Momentum: A bold and dramatic pounding electronic piece.

Subway 2007: A driving guitar-based soundscape.

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