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The Boy With No Soul

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The Boy With No Soul (Lockhart/Roper/Scholtka)




Well he never cried as a baby.
And ate his dinner without a mess.
Never squirmed while they changed his diapers,
Or gave his parents cause for distress.

He seemed the perfect angel baby,
With ten fingers and ten tiny toes.
But there was one thing that he was missing,
That everybody else seemed to know.

He doesn't play with other kids,
He avoids checkers and baseball.
He doesn't laugh at the funny faces,
In fact, he doesn't laugh at all.

When he finally was in pre-school,
The other kids there would stay clear.
Because he'd stand and glare at them,
And the hamster shrieked when he came near.

He'd sit in the corner building walls,
Out of plastic blocks he'd gather 'round,
And once he stacked them high enough,
He'd knock them right back to the ground.

He just sits in the basement and plays video games,
With a heart like a lump of coal.
He is the boy without a soul.
He is the boy with no soul.

By the time he was in third grade,
He was dissecting frogs on his own.
And the people from town, they all stayed away,
When they saw he was walking alone.

His parents said, "He's not a bad boy,"
Then again, they were a little bizzare,
Then, one day, they both disappeared,
And no one knows where they are.

Well he never cried as a baby.
And his emotions don't show.
Because there's one thing that he is missing,
That everybody else seems to know.

So he sits in the basement playing video games,
With a heart like a lump of coal.
He is the boy without a soul.
He is the boy with no soul.
He is the boy with no soul.

Song Notes:

What can we say. We are huge Uncle Shelby fans. Ryan and Tom took Matt's lyrics and crafted this beautiful, if disturbing, song.


Lead Vocals: Ryan Lockhart
Rhythm Guitar: Tom Roper
Lead Guitar: Tom Roper
Accordion: Jason Feehan

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