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You Shouldn't Have Pissed Me Off

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Song Info


You Shouldn't Have Pissed Me Off (Nice Peter)


Casiotone Songs, Bad Words


I hope the undertaker beats your ass
While you're walkin' to the grocery store
I hope a golf ball hits you by accident

I hope you get bit by a raccoon
While you're gettin' chased by some black dudes
And when they catch you and they beat you and they whoop you
I won't feel bad
No no no no no no no no no

Because you shouldn't have pissed me off
I said you shouldn't have pissed me off

I hope somebody kidnaps your cat
And puts your little kitty in the microwave
And when you come home you hear the microwave on
You be like "Damn! That's my cat!"

I hope you try to use a coupon
Only to discover that it's already expired
And you ain't got enough money to afford the items you need

Because you shouldn't have pissed me off
I said you shouldn't have pissed me off
I said you shouldn't have pissed me off
No you shouldn't have pissed me off

Song Notes:

This one was written by Pete Shukoff of Nice Peter ( the night before joining us in the studio to do some writing and recording.

A version of this song will be featured on Pete's upcoming album alongside songs about Guitar Center and 50 Cent. Keep an eye out at for details.


Lead Vocals: Pete Shukoff
Backing Vocals: Pete Shukoff
Lead Guitar: Tom Roper
Rhythm Guitar: Tom Roper
Casiotone: Pete Shukoff
Sequencing: Jason Feehan

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