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King Of Cicada

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Song Info


King Of Cicada (Beatnik Turtle Music)


Bugs, Acoustic, Sex


I'm the king of cicada
Come every seventeen years
I come out of the ground
And into your fears

Oh don't step on my baby
For I'll go crunch
And if you can catch me
You can have me for lunch

I taste like a potata
I'm the king of cicada

Oh lord have mercy
I'm a bug
I've got bulging red eyes
And I'm looking for love

For no apparent purpose
I was made
I just sit and make noise
Then get laid

I taste like a potata
I'm the king of cicada


I taste like a potata
I'm the king of cicada

For a cicada
Life ain't especially hard
We're having an orgy
In your backyard

Life is mighty short
Well I tell you this my friend
But in seventeen years
I'll be back again

I taste like a potato
I'm the king of cicada

Song Notes:

This song was 17 years in the making. It was written back in 1990 - the last time the 17-year Magicicada came out. It was inspired by a newspaper article written at the time about people eating the bugs ("They taste like potatoes!"). It was recorded and completed with one exception - the middle was to include the noisy roar of the 17-year cycle cicada. Unfortunately, Jason ended up spending the summer in Europe and missed seeing, hearing, and recording them.

Disappointed, he vowed to finish the song and wait the 17 long years for their return. Over the weekend they emerged -just like clockwork and today the song is finally complete.


Lead Vocals: Jason Feehan
Backing Vocals: Jason Feehan
Lead Guitar: Tom Roper
Rhythm Guitar: Jason Feehan
Bass: Tom Susala
Drums: John Owens

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