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Mr. Mollassess Meets General Buttsweat

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Mr. Mollassess Meets General Buttsweat (Beatnik Turtle Music)


Bad Words


Spoken: The army and you

Meet Mr. Mollassess
He's taking classes
He wants to get smarter

But along comes General Buttsweat
Says "Boy, did you sign up yet?"
Put your name right on the line

So Mr. Mollassess
Finds himself in the masses
Getting his hair cut off

Then along comes General Buttsweat
Says "Boy did you get your gear yet?"
Put your name right on the line

The general's got a saying, and it goes like this
"Attacks from the rear are always the worst"

And then Mr. Mollassess
Sucked up tear gases
As he trained for warfare

And along comes General Buttsweat
Who said "Good news boy you're gonna make a great vet"
Get your ass on the front line

Yes, even you can be like Mr. Mollassess
And join the army
Sign up today at your nearest recruitment office
Learn new skills
Meet new people
And tour the world

Spoken: End film.

Song Notes:

Put your name right on the line.


Lead Vocals: Jason Feehan
Backing Vocals: Eric Elmer
Backing Vocals: Paul Fleck
Keyboards: Jason Feehan
Drum Sequencing: Jason Feehan

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