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But That's Another Thing I'll Never Do

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But That's Another Thing I'll Never Do (Beatnik Turtle Music/Owens)


Acoustic, Songs with Accordion


I should really give you a call
But first I'll reconstruct the Berlin Wall
Invent a battery that never dies
So I can finally win my Nobel Prize

I should probably rid the world of disease
And get the Cubs into the World Series
And once I'm done I'll have time to call you
But that's another thing I'll never do

Yes I should really try to call you tonight
But I've got this book I've been meaning to write
And make a light bulb that never burns out
Visit the future to see how it all turns out

I could make the Middle East be friends
Hug, smile, and make amends
And once I'm all done I'll be sure to call you
Ah, that's another thing I'll never do

I know I should just give you a shout
After I find the lotto ticket that I threw out
And then I'll write that hit song for you
But that's another thing I'll never do

Song Notes:

We wanted to write notes about how we wrote this song, but unfortunately, it's another thing we'll never do.


Lead Vocals: John Owens
Backing Vocals: John Owens
Rhythm Guitar: Jason Feehan
Keyboards: John Owens
Accordion: Jason Feehan
Bass: John Owens
Hambone: John Owens

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