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I've No Pants

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Song Info


I've No Pants (Beatnik Turtle Music)


Clothing and/or The Lack Of Clothing


Mr. Conventional
The time has come
A chance to make a change
In everyone

I'm on a mission
You know it's true
In time they'll see the light
And give up on you

You put on your pants
One leg at a time
You've got yours
But I don't got mine

Take off your pants
You're free to choose
Do a little dance
We all win when we lose

I've no pants
I've no pants
No I've no pants
I've no pants
I've no pants

Mr. Conventional
Now I know you know
There's a call for action
Less talk, more show

A new day is dawning
We're ready to begin
The time's they are a changin'
And it's blowin' in the wind

Take my hand and I'll show you
Don't be frightened
Join the growing masses
That have become enlightened

Take one step forward
And free your mind
Leave all your worries
And your pants behind

I've no pants
I've no pants
No, I've no pants
I've no pants
No, I've no pants

Song Notes:

Happy No Pants Day! Beatnik Turtle had taken to wearing no pants long before we learned about No Pants Day. They asked if they could post this song (which takes Robert Goulet's bloated version of "To Dream The Impossible Dream" as its inspiration).

No pants Day is certainly a cause that we wholeheartedly support. In fact, we're looking to start a "Pants Day" for those who take the holiday too far and continue to wear no pants throughout the year we always do.


Lead Vocals: Jason Feehan
Backing Vocals: Jason Feehan
Rhythm Guitar: Jason Feehan
Keyboards: Jason Feehan
Drum Sequencing: Jason Feehan

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