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Amazing Arcola

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Amazing Arcola (Beatnik Turtle Music)


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I like a girl named Arcola
She's the sexiest girl that I know-ah
Met her back when I had a beer, a broom, and a mower
Asked me what they were for and I proceeded to show her

But I
Got to wait
Until she flies
Back from Arcola

She's got golden hair of ambrosia
And lips as soft, as soft as snow-ah
If she catches your eye, you'll stammer hello-ah
I'll smile and nod and say I told'ja

But I
Got to wait
Until she flies
Back from Arcola

That night we spent together was just right
We watched the house burn down under the moonlight
And in the kitchen we shared a Cheezy-Pleezy
Passion struck and she started to tease me

But I
Got to wait
Until she flies
Back from Arcola

And I think I better take this one slow-ah
I'm gonna wait until she's ready to go-ah
And when she is we'll rock 'n' roll-ah
Gonna kiss her from head to toe-ah

But I
Got to wait
Until she flies
Back from Arcola

Do re me fa so ar co la

Song Notes:

This is a song about a girl named Arcola from the little town of Arcola, Illinois. Arcola is known for their Lawn Rangers, a precision lawn mower drill team, that marches in formation with brooms and lawn mowers while wearing cowboy hats. Jason Feehan (lead singer and author) and Dave Barry (humor columnist and author) are proud members.


Lead Vocals: Jason Feehan
Backing Vocals: Jason Feehan
Backing Vocals: Tom Roper
Lead Guitar: Tom Roper
Rhythm Guitar: Tom Roper
Trumpet: Mike Combopiano
Trumpet: Chris Joyce
Saxophones: Randy Chertkow
Trombone: Chip Hinshaw
Bass: Tom Roper
Drums: John Owens

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