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Everyone's A Winner

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Everyone's A Winner (Beatnik Turtle Music/Lockhart)


BoardGameGeek, Songs About Games


I was so hurt when you went away
Left me playing solitaire all alone
Tell me where oh where do I go from here?
Got to find a place I can call my home

Why does my life have to be so bleak?
Why can't it be like it is on GeekSpeak?

Where everyone's a winner
And no one gets sick or dies
Yes, everyone's a winner
And no one cheats or lies

Everyone's a winner
And everybody wins
Everyone's a winner
Everybody wins

I was so hurt when you went away

Song Notes:

This song was specifically written as a tribute to BoardGameGeek's board gaming podcast, "GeekSpeak," when it was decided that the show was ending. The show aired for a year and a half and was hosted by Scott Alden (Aldie) and Derk Solko (Derk) of It was not only the first gaming podcast, it was also among the first podcasts ever, and had thousands of avid listeners. Beatnik Turtle's involvement with the show came after the first few episodes when the band, which was a fan of the show, wrote in and offered to write and record a theme song for it.


Lead Vocals: Ryan Lockhart
Backing Vocals: Ryan Lockhart
Backing Vocals: Jason Feehan
Backing Vocals: Eric Elmer
Rhythmn Guitar: Jason Feehan
Piano: Ryan Lockhart
Keyboards: Jason Feehan
Bass: Eric Elmer
Drums: John Owens
Claps: Ryan Lockhart
Claps: Jason Feehan

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